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The two Americans, Dave and Adam, have yet to spend a night in C3 so are still a day behind the current summit group. The Poles have flights scheduled for the 17th and will need a window soon if they want to make it. Frippe and I are intent on staying until replica Cartier w2603156 watch we get the job done but we’re down to our last jar of Nutella. The two of us can suffer through a lot but running out of Nutella could just spell disaster.--Trey CookTo learn more of Fredrik Ericsson’s past expeditions and about his quest to ski the world’s three highest mountains check out .

Check out pro kayaker Trip Jennings’ latest expedition tale tonight on the National Geographic Channel (10 p.m. East Coast; 8 p.m. West Coast). This replica Cartier we5001x1 watch time Jennings, one of Outside’s Adventure Icons, heads to Brazils Rio Roosevelt to paddle Class V whitewater, hook tuna-sized catfish, and attempt to repeat Teddy Roosevelt’s 1914 journey down the 400-mile river. Does he make it? Nope. Find out why tonight.--Kyle Dickman 8.0mmWater resistance: 5 ATM 50mDisplay: 12 hour onlyLeather BandThis Phosphor? E Ink Watch features an ergonomic curved case with ultra-thin profilePriced at $184

You do not see many of these watches every day, its curved ultra thin case and large display shows that this is a watch that has been designed with fair amount of flair and style. Its large e ink electronic display makes reading the time very easy, while showing off how great that sort of display is for this purpose. Features:A standard numeric digital display in one mode, a graphic hour clock display in another, and ability to switch replica Cartier w51002q3 watch between white-on-black to black-on-white time display give this digital watch a style all its own.Case width: 38.0mmUltra thin thickness:

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This makes us wonder if the route will hold until we can get back up again. If not, Frippe’s ultimate goal of skiing from the summit of K2 to base camp will not be possible and all our efforts over the past two months will have been for nothing. However, the snow in the forecast will surely make a difference and if we can just get lucky with a replica Cartier w51027q4 watch window sooner rather than later…But for now, we wait. August is notoriously unkind to K2 climbers and all we can do is hope for the best and be patient. Not easy.

The weather in northern Pakistan this summer has been the worst in 20 years with torrential rainfall killing more than 300 people and hundreds of thousands losing land and property.The Koreans have packed up and left as have Giuseppe, Sergio replica Cartier w1529856 and the guy who never said anything. On the other hand, two strong Kazakhs have just arrived, already acclimatized from climbing in the Tien Shan range, and we’re hoping they’ll be a strong addition to our team.

Wii has sold nearly ten million game systems since American sales began in November 2006. At least 6.5 million Wii Fit, the popular exercise program, have been soldl. Wii claims video-induced injuries are not its fault: electronic prompts interrupt players on a regular basis, recommending frequent breaks. “It’s a syndrome of injuries and people presenting with complaints thatwe couldn’t have imagined three years ago,” said Dr. John Sperling, replica Cartier w69007z3 watch physician at the Mayo Clinicin Rochester, Minn. Dr. Sperling once treated a 22-year-old whose arm had swelled to twice its normal size after a marathon Wii session.Nick Heil wrote about the Wii fad last summer.Melanie LidmanHave you been injured playing Wii? Fess up in a comment below.

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There is one thing about any watch from TokyoFlash and that is expect the unexpected, if you are looking for your standard watch then these are not for you. However, if you are looking for something that you would never see anywhere else then these are the watches that you should be looking at. Features:The L.E.D.s are bigger than the Pimp line of watches, the colours really bright and super easy to seeLike the Pimp line of watches, this watch is equipped with a light up function that starts at 6 pm and goes on to 1 am replica Cartier w200728g watch every minuteThe light up function is also activated when the time button is pressed during 1 am to 6 pm for 12 minutes afterThe watch runs on two Lithium batteries that are easy to changeThe strap is Solid Stainless that was custom designed just for the watchVery well made and very solidThe watch measures 2.8 cm across by 5.7 cm long and 1.3 cm thick Priced at $105

The wind that was forecast to have dropped still screamed and to be quite honest, after 12 hours of climbing I was completely wasted and happy not to hear any discussion about a summit push that night. However, I know the Super Swede would have gone for it if any of our crew had suggested it. As it were, our window never really materialized and replica Cartier wb509731 watch with snow, wind and limited viz forecast for the next few days Frippe had to settle for an epic ski descent of close to 3000 meters (9842 ft). Darn the luck. We’re back in BC now sitting out bad

Patients of all ages are complaining to their doctors about a variety of aches and pains stemming from their overuse of the popular Wii videogame, the New York Times reported. Doctors are calling it Wii Knee or Nintendinitis.“Skateboarding, snowboarding, you name it,” Dr. William N. Levine,the director of sports medicine at NewYork-PresbyterianHospitalColumbia University Medical Center, told the New York Times. “replica Cartier we5002x2 watch Take the newest fad, andthere’s always a slew of specific orthopedic injuries associated withit.” weather days that have kept us from charging batteries and updating the blog. On his way down Frippe found that the wind and snow had changed conditions dramatically since his last descent from C3 less than two weeks ago.

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This watch is so far away from the standard watch that it could easily be mistaken for something left behind by an advanced alien race that have been sent here to monitor us. However, of course this is the handy work of the great forward thinkers at TokyoFlash. Getting used to telling the time is not as complicated as you would replica Cartier w6600121 watch first think. Features:Displays the timeStainless steel strapMaximum wrist size: 210 mm (approx.)Case Dimensions: 37 mm x 37 mm x 12 mmWeight: 120 gramsWater resistance: 3ATMJapanese English instructionsOne year warrantyPriced at $166.75

Straight out of the gate I was feeling a high-gravity day and passed our tent to Frippe who added it to his already heavy pack. I also passed 60 meters of rope to Fabrizio who gave it back three pitches later after I had eaten a bit and was feeling replica Cartier w3019351 watch stronger--lifesaver. The wind still blew like crazy but the sun came out for the first time in several days which made everyone feel a whole lot better. Until it went down. From the back of the line Fabrizio shouted over the wind for a halt.

“It’s still 250 meters (820 ft) to The Shoulder and it’s going to be dark soon.”Our summit push that would ideally have started at 10:00 or 11:00 that night had relied on us reaching The Shoulder early enough to pitch our tents, brew up and rest for a few hours before starting for the summit. Clearly, that dog wouldn’t be huntin’. And since there was no place to pitch tents on the rocky face we were climbing, and going down was not an option, replica Cartier w20098d6 watch the decision was made to continue.An hour and a half later, just as it got completely dark, we all pulled up to a small shelf in the face about 100 meters (328 ft) below The Shoulder and started hacking tent platforms out of the ice.


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Q: What led you to select Scott Woolums as your guide for Everest?After researching many highaltitude guides, I contacted Scott. I was replica IWC Schaffhausen Vintage watches immediately impressed by his approach to what I was proposing: a novice wanting to climb Mt. Everest. He told me that I have to take climbing one step at a time: focusing on each step to understand what is needed to even begin to think about climbing Mt. Everest.Scott Woolums is an amazing highaltitude guide. He is extremely experienced, professional yet personable, safetyoriented, but most of all: Scott cuts me no slack.

I have to be able to do it or it is a nogo. That is what I want: an honest opinion of my abilities not someone who says what I want to heard. We have been climbing together for several years and I am continually impressed by Scott’s seemingly innate replica iwc Aquatimer Cousteau Divers watches abilities both as a climber and a guide. For Mt. Everest, Scott has teamed up with Mountain Trip.Q: Sports Psychology is your field. What are your thoughts and preparation on the mental aspect of a climb such as Everest? Great question: I think people may underestimate the psychological aspect of climbing Mt. Everest. For me, the first thing I had to get straight in my mind and sole was: Could I be away from my family for so long? My husband and I are true solemates and we have always been together on our adventures.

Now I will be without him for over two months! For me, this truly will be the most difficult aspect of climbing Mt. Everest. Risk verses Rewards: To replica iwc Big Pilot watches make sure I was not romanticizing the climbing of Mt. Everest; I read every book I could find, watched all the documentaries, and talked with many people. Next, I applied that information to my training and personal experiences with both climbing and diving. After a great deal of thought and solesearching,